Monday, 20 February 2012

We Now Have The Healthiest Hotdog In Town!

It’s a healthy twist to the all-time favorite snack. The meat-less hotdog is wrapped in a multi-grain bun and dipped in low-fat cheese sauce. It’s the healthiest hotdog in town!

Our multi-grain hotdog bun is healthier than most breads and very high in fiber. Perfect for those who want to stay in shape. Our veggie frank is 100% meat-less and composed mainly of wheat and soy protein plus fresh garlic and onions. Ideal for the growing number of vegetarians and health-buffs. Our low-fat cheese dressing contains no MSG and is low in sodium. The dressing will come as a dip for your HeartDog.

Not only is it healthy, it's affordable, too! only P95!

You can also get the HeartDog Cinema Combo which includes a Lightweight Popcorn and 16oz of Iced Tea or Soda for only P160!

Awesome, right?

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