Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Fit & Fabulous

Petra Nemcova
Czech model, television host, author, and philanthropist

Alicia Silverstone
American actress, author, and former fashion model

Olivia Wilde
Irish American actress and fashion model

Do you know what these lovely ladies have in common?

These fabulous women are all vegan! :)

With summer here at last, we can take a few pointers from these hot fems as they all attribute their fit and toned bodies from being vegan (coupled with good old exercise, of course!).

But going vegan doesn't have to be boring & bland.

You can still have tacos!

You can have lots & lots of tuna!

You can have zesty orange "chicken"

You can even have (soy) ice cream! :)

Let us help you get fit & fabulous this summer. Drop by Chimara today! :)

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