Saturday, 26 May 2012

Go Green with Eco-Friendly Bags

The number of plastic usage all over the world has lead to an increasing concern on disposal. Plastic is harmful to the environment yet many still use it due to its practicality and low cost.

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One of the best alternatives is to grab yourself an eco-friendly bag.

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Most supermarkets have already started offering eco-bags at very cheap prices and even offer benefits for using them. Some give extra or even double points for your loyalty card. Others even go as far as not using plastic bags during certain days of the month and let you bring home your goods in cardboard boxes unless you have an eco-bag to put them in.

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It's good to know that places like these are supporting the Go Green Campaign. We at Chimara are all for going green by supporting the use of Eco-Friendly bags.

What's great about these bags is that you can use them for any occasion. Not just for groceries, you can also use them as your personal handbag, your kid's tote bag, your babies diaper bag and lots more!

What makes it even better is that they don't have to be dull. Check out these fun and stylish takes on eco-friendly bags!

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Do you have any suggestions on where to get these awesome bags?

Let's all support Mother Nature and go green with us! :D

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