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Ashleigh Day thinks Veggies Rock!

This time it's Ashleigh who shares to us the awesome advantages of being a vegetarian, the benefits she gets from it and the goodness it does to the world.

According to Ashleigh, we are caregivers of this planet and its creatures, NOT destroyers.

We say 'hear hear' to that!

Ashleigh Marie Day
23 yrs. old, PETA Intern/Graduate Student

How long have you been a vegetarian?
Since approximately late 2008/early 2009

Your reason for being a vegetarian:
I chose to become vegetarian after being exposed to my friend’s farm where his parents sold their cows for their “flesh.” Honestly, I just began to have an inner-reflection about how animals are treated in our society (especially on factory farms), how I would not want my dogs being eaten/treated so horribly, and also how I would not want to be treated so unjustly if the tables were turned.

What are the advantages of being so?
The advantages of being vegetarian are magical! I feel much more energized and educated than ever before. I feel secure knowing that I do not attribute to the mistreatment of animals and that my diet will not attribute to health problems down the road that occur from eating flesh. Lastly, I feel very proud to say that I am helping to make this planet a greener one by not supporting factory farming. It feels so great to be educated on these matters. I am able to share the facts and my personal testimony with friends and family.

How has being a vegetarian changed or helped your life in any way?
Being a vegetarian has made me much more aware of the ways that we all affect the planet and its inhabitants. It has made me be much more appreciative for the simple, everyday miracles of life such as the bond that my two dogs and I share together. My two adopted “mutts” have wholly and completely changed my life. They show me more love and compassion than some human beings. They inspire me every day and give me confirmation that I have made the right choice: vegetarianism.  

What's your passion in life?
My passion in life is to educate people and dedicate myself to helping the planet/society change for the better. I believe that this planet could be a true utopia and that educate is one of the primary ways in which this can be done. Whether I am educating people in a college classroom or discussing factory farming with a stranger in a coffee house, I will feel as though I have made an attempt to make this planet better.

Playing/watching sports, reading, attempting to write fiction stories, hiking, attempting to cook, and going to the movies.

Does your eating lifestyle affect you and your performance in your hobbies & interests?
My lifestyle absolutely does not affect my performance in my hobbies or interests. When I was playing rugby in college, I had started to make my transition into becoming a vegetarian. Not only did I feel perfectly fine but I also seemed to have more energy and did not feel as bloated after a long conditioning workout as I did previously when eating flesh.

The only time I find this lifestyle to be somewhat “difficult,” is when I am in an unfamiliar place trying to find “quick” food. Although, even in this situation I am able to then ask someone where I can get vegetarian-friendly options and then I have a chance to talk to someone new who may not know a lot about this lifestyle. In this circumstance, I can share my personal experiences and reasons as to why I have chosen this lifestyle. So, in the end, it has its positive side.

Favorite veggie food:
Dried mangoes and spicy Thai vegetable fried rice


Sadly, I haven’t been there yet. Today is the first day on the job but, I am excited to go with the other interns. So, my answer is currently pending for a few days!

(Ashleigh just started with PETA when she answered our Q&A. Hmm.. We wonder what her favorites now are!) 

Tips to aspiring vegetarians:
You can do it! Just remember your health, the environment, and animals will all benefit from your choice!

How long have you been working for PETA?
Since 7-31-2012

How has it helped you in any way?
I definitely believe that working for PETA has helped me because it has made my conviction to helping animals even stronger as well as exposed me to many new outlets for information.

In your own little way, how can you make the world a better, greener, safer place?
I personally believe that the most important way to make the world a better, greener, safer place is to spread the word and educate people. Education is the most important aspect of society; it promotes a greater knowledge that allows us as a species to be a care-giver to this planet and its creatures, not a destroyer. Education helps to open up people’s eyes to the truth, which then fosters better choices and a better society as a whole. Therefore, I think it is extremely important for those who are educated on matters regarding vegetarianism/veganism and animal rights to speak up!


Well, well, what a good way to cap off our Q&A series for the month!

 There's nothing but goodness and positive vibes in our interviews with our PETA friends! Just confirms how awesome it really is to live a healthy vegetarian lifestyle, knowing that you are not participating in the unfortunate treatment of animals in our society. With this, all we hope for is to inspire and encourage others out other to follow suit and start embracing a much greener, healthier, more humane lifestyle.

Once again, thanks again to our PETA friends and more power to all of you guys! 
We support you all the way!!! :)

We're you inspired by Ashleigh's Sole Story?
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