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Jia Yin Ng, PETA Intern & Certified Animal Lover

Jia Yi Ng is a PETA Asia intern from Malaysia, and has been here in Manila for about three weeks now. He happily participates in our Q&A, as he shares with us his experience as a vegetarian and its advantages, the projects he has been doing for PETA sine he got here, and his plans in the future as an animal rights advocate. Surprisingly, in the short time that he has been here, he has been quite a fan of Chimara as well, which makes us really happy and proud. Read on to know more about our first Sole Story feature, and find out how awesome it is to be both Vegetarian & Animal Lover!

Age: 24  
Position: PETA intern  

How long have you been a vegetarian?
I have been consuming a healthy and humane vegetarian diet since the beginning of this year.

Your reason for being a vegetarian:
No special reason, but it was partially due to the influence of religion. I used to join and be a volunteer in training camps held by the Buddhism Society. By being exposed to the camps where vegetarianism is fundamental, and enjoying vegan meals throughout the camp, I gradually adapted to a vegetarian diet.

What are the advantages of being so?
I can easily fall asleep at night knowing that I am not causing animals to suffer and die for the food I put on my plate. Also, I feel healthier and lighter. My digestion is better and I have more energy. I also know that eating a vegetarian diet reduces my risk of diseases like certain types of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

How has being a vegetarian changed or helped your life in any way?
It has not changed much actually, I am still living the life I want. I can still eat delicious and satisfying foods – the only difference is that I know those foods are not damaging my own health or contributing to animal suffering.

What's your passion in life? Future goals?
I have a dream to pursue a PhD and travel the whole world. And I am on the way to to make the best of it!

I know basketball and photography.

Does your eating lifestyle affect you and your peforrmance in your hobbies & interests?
I am more energetic than ever!

Favorite veggie food: Kim chi


Tips to aspiring vegetarians:  
Realize the plethora of vegetarian foods that you have available! Vegetarians don’t just eat salads – that will break your spirit. Try Chimara and other vegan-friendly restaurants, and you will be amazed at how many foods you can eat. I have been ordering meals from Chimara every week since I came to Makati. I think you’ll be surprised how many foods that vegetarianism opened your eyes to.

How long have you been working for PETA?
About 3 weeks, but I will be here until the end of August. When I return to Malaysia and continue my travels, I will keep volunteering for PETA and advocating for animals whenever I can.

How has it helped you in any way?
PETA provides excellent vegan lunch everyday, and sometimes we order from Chimara! During my work at PETA, I contribute to various projects which help PETA fight for animals and doing that helped me to realize that the only way to help and save the earth is turning to a vegan lifestyle.

Any instance or project worth sharing to others?
1. Save 'Mali': PETA is fighting for the release of Mali (the only elephant in the Manila Zoo and in the entire country), so that she could return to her own kind and get the medical attention she so badly needs. Mali has been living in a barren enclosure at the Manila Zoo for 35 years, and she has not seen another elephant in about 33 years. It’s time to do what is right for Mali and retire her to a sanctuary.


Check out this video. This is Mali's Life.

2. I participated in a campaign to promote the kapon of cats and dogs in front of British Embassy in advance of the London Olympics. I was painted entirely bronze and held a banner reading “Be a Champion for Animals: Spay and Neuter”.

One of PETA's many projects is the advocacy to have our pets spayed & neutered. In this photo, Jay's body is painted and poses as a human statue for a day together with two other interns as they carry the campaign banner.

In your own little way, how can you make the world a better, greener, safer place?

Go green
 Try to save the environment by saving the electricity, reducing the use of plastic bags, etc.

Go vegan
 Consume no meat, dairy products, eggs, or anything come from animals.

Isn't it amazing how Jay, at a young age of 24, already knows what he wants in life, and is actually doing it? And with a conscious effort to keep not only his well-being and good health by choosing to be a vegetarian but also advocating animal rights and going out of his way to volunteer and take the responsibility as a guardian for the beautiful creatures we share our planet with is just amazing.

May the rest of his stay in Manila bring forth a slew of great experiences that he can bring with him back in his homeland as continue on his chosen path to good, healthy living. :)

We're you inspired by Jay's Sole Story?
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