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Debra Wolford: Passionately Living a Vegetarian Lifestyle

Another awesome story of one of PETA's current interns. This time it's Debra Wolford dishing out her share on living a plant-based diet, animal rights and things she learned having worked for PETA.

FULL NAME: Debra Wolford
Job Position: PETA Intern
Vegetarian? YES

If yes...

How long have you been a vegetarian?
Almost three years!

Your reason for being a vegetarian:
I have always loved animals, and when I was old enough to make important decisions on my own, I decided I didn't want to play any part in the horrifying meat industry anymore. I feel better with every day that passes between me and my meat eating days because I know that I am no longer contributing to the horrible fates that all those poor animals have to face.

What are the advantages of being so?
Besides the obvious of not being a part of the horrifying meat industry, I have personally noticed that I have become a much healthier version of myself. I have lost weight, have more endurance, and barely ever get sick anymore. 

How has being a vegetarian changed or helped your life in any way?
I feel much healthier since being vegetarian, and my endurance has improved so much! But also just the idea that I am not contributing to the suffering of animals makes me happier and feel better. 

What's your passion in life?
As cliche as it sounds for a vegetarian to say, animals truly are my passion in life! Since I was three years old I have known that I wanted to become a veterinarian and have honestly based my entire life around that dream. I am currently studying animal sciences at Wageningen University, but in this study I have seen the realities of what I might end up doing as a vet (like preparing animals for slaughter). Now I hope to take the knowledge from my study and use it in the animal rights/conservation sector!

Hobbies/Interests: Competitive swimming, biking, hanging out and cuddling with my  cat and two dogs.

Does your eating lifestyle affect you and your performance in your hobbies&interests?
Definitely! My endurance has improved an unthinkable amount since switching to a plant-based diet! I also have more energy, which helps with everything from studying to swimming.

Favorite veggie food: spaghetti with tomato sauce and mushrooms

FAVORITE CHIMARA food: The Tofu Supreme!

Tips to aspiring vegetarians: Get the PETA vegetarian starter kit, it really helped me make the transition! Also, if you ever start craving animal products, just remember all the reasons that you wanted to become a vegetarian in the first place. That always helped me get over any cravings I had at the beginning. It get's easier with every day that passes, and at a certain point you won't even remember why you ever craved meat!

How long have you been working for PETA?
Just over 2 weeks now.

How has it helped you in any way?
It has helped me in so many different ways, but most importantly, my dream of working in animal rights has been magnified these last couple of weeks because of the work PETA does. It has also helped with my struggle to become completely vegan, being around other people who understand my decision and have gone through the struggle themselves  makes it a lot easier to stay strong and remember why I originally wanted to become vegan.

Any instance or project worth sharing to others?
We fed, washed, and played with several stray/chained dogs. It showed me how much work that still actually needs to be done concerning animal rights, and that it's not only the big, public, projects that are important, but also the little personal things like helping out an animal in need.

In your own little way, how can you make the world a better, greener, safer place?
The most important thing is to not go through life ignoring the suffering of others- whether human or not. Speak up when you feel like something is wrong, help out an animal in need, and of course try going vegetarian!
It's imminent that Debra will surely be awesome whether landing a career as Veterinarian or Animal Rights Activist! Her love for animals ever since she was a child strongly shows and the lifestyle she has chosen is no doubt the path to living up to her passion.

Great job Debra! We do hope there's a lot more of you out there to fill this world with goodness! Our animal friends couldn't be any happier! ;-)

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